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Feminine Yoga: Diving Deep Into The Magic & Mystery of being a Woman

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so, let’s dive in: Feminine Yoga - What Is It?

Did you know that the VAST majority of yoga is rooted in a masculine tradition?

Meaning it was designed by men and initially only practiced by men.

Today, the vast majority of people attending yoga classes are women however.

In order to really reach our potential and live in alignment with our deepest desires and truth, we need a practice that speaks specifically to our female bodies, sensitivities and perspective.

FEMININE EMBODIMENT yoga IS THAT PRACTICE - IT has been designed FOR YOU AS A WOMEN & YOUR UNIQUE physical, psychological and spiritual NEEDS.

Feminine Yoga is a deeply EMBODIED practice that allows you to show up fully in the world - AS YOU ARE rather than who you think you SHOULD BE.

No more doubting yourself.

No more pushing through and strict regimes.

No more seeking outside validation or direction.

No more suppressing your emotion or your sensuality. 

This is a practice that allows you to finally stop 'trying' and instead, invites you to ease-fully embody your unique expression as a woman!

It's life changing. Try it out.

Love Kate x

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I took a tantric yoga workshop with Kate and it really opened my eyes to the true potential of yoga. Kate helped me to realise that yoga is much more than poses, it truly is a holistic science with countless benefits spiritually, emotionally and physically. She is a great teacher with so much knowledge to share.
— Stephanie, 31, PR Director