Align With Your Feminine Nature - Feel Sensual, Confident & Alive

Hi there and welcome! I'm Kate Christensen,

Mother - Lover - Yoga Teacher.

I offer a feminine approach to the practice of yoga with the aim of helping you to love and understand your female body so you can enjoy life fully.

I teach yoga classes, workshops and retreats in Melbourne and beyond, sharing feminine wisdom and embodiment practices that are easy to implement and a pleasure to do!

I strongly believe that soft is powerful and my focus is on helping you to SOFTEN back home to yourself.

For too long, we as women have been denied our power and our pleasure - we have been living from our heads, disconnected and disenchanted with life, lost and longing.

But times are changing. The feminine is on the rise. Can you feel it?

It is time to reclaim our bodies and align fully with our feminine essence; for the sake of ourselves and for the next generation.

Love Kate xxx

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I cannot recommend Kate and her “bigger picture” style of yoga to anyone enough.. Its inspiring… Its been such a help for me.
— Samantha, Gardener, 49




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Kate’s approach to the Tantra yoga teachings offers a unified healing practice for our minds, bodies and spirits. Her energy is serene yet centred, and it is because of this that she is able to instantly create tranquil focus in all of her sessions. Kate’s classes are uplifting and holistic, and if you are open to it, they will set you upon a peaceful, reflective and intuitive path that will change your way of being.
— Zoe, 30

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