Feminine Embodiment Yoga versus Most Yoga

Most yoga that you’ll find out there on the market is rooted in a masculine tradition, initially designed for and practiced by men - I’m talking ashtanga, vinyasa, hatha and all their variations.

I’d been practicing traditional hatha yoga for a number of years before I came to Feminine Yoga.

While the traditional style helped me a lot and is something I still partake in, Feminine Yoga was what really allowed me to fully embrace myself as a woman:

my body,
my emotions,
my sensitivity,
my view point,
my entire experience of the world suddenly felt valid

…where before it had felt ‘not normal’ somehow.

Feminine Embodiment Yoga = a style of practice that has been designed specifically for the female experience so you can

Feminine Yoga: Benefits Of Regular Practice

If you are a woman who is ready to PARTNER WITH, EMBRACE and LOVE your female body and perspective then this is the approach to yoga that will genuinely support you to do that.

Some of the many benefits of this easeful & transformative practice are:

- releasing stress and tension from the body and mind

- anxiety reduction & relief from nervous system over-stimulation

- hormonal and emotional balance

- increased libido and fertility

- creating menstrual ease (learn to access to the power of living in flow with your monthly cycle)

- awakening your lower body and connecting with your primal energies (pelvic intelligence)

- sensuality as a spirituality practice (which can be brought into the everyday moments of your life)

- increased confidence, magnetism and joy

- healthy, supportive sisterhood

This is a practice that meets the cyclical nature of our biochemistry (our incredible womb life in all its phases), the structure of our female skeleton and musculature (our wider hips, our breasts, our vaginas) and also invites and allows our sensual nature to be expressed. 

Features of a Feminine Yoga practice

The most obvious differences compared with a more mainstream traditional yoga practice are:

  • Emotional expression - your feelings are invited.

    Rather than have to centre yourself and or squash what you feel, this practice allows you to go right into it without ‘fixing’. You’re encouraged to feel all the feels as you move and sound (with your sigh and your voice) whatever is stirring in you throughout the practice - big or small, pleasurable or otherwise - this practice guides us back to trust in what we feel as much as (and ultimately more!) than what we think. And that extends waaaay off the mat and into everyday life.

  • Spiralling movements:

    Traditional yoga, generally speaking, tends to be very up and down, very linear due to its masculine origins and masculine energy moving in this way. Feminine Yoga on the other hand, works with a lot of spiralling movements to reflect how the feminine energy moves (feminine energy = creative energy, have a look at the crown of a babies head as an example of this!). Moving in this manner allows our energy to flow the way it naturally wants to which brings with it a release of the physical and mental tension from this powerful life-force energy being restricted.

  • Less cueing:

    The emphasise in a feminine yoga practice is on guiding you into your body, and into yourself. Rather than lots of instruction on alignment or where to focus (which keep you in your thinking mind and externally focused), feminine yoga gives you space to intuitively move and breath in a way that feels most natural and releasing for you in that moment. This allows you to connect with and attune to your inner world so you can receive higher guidance and clarity.

  • No striving or pushing:

    Feminine Yoga emphasises YOU as the ultimate authority on your body and what feels right for you. This removes any need to ‘keep up’ and teaches us somatically what it feels like to truly listen to our body versus overriding her in order to make it into a certain shape.

  • True sisterhood:

    With this being a women’s only space combined with the competitive aspect of yoga removed, Feminine Yoga makes way for authentic connection and sharing with other women which can be deeply soothing. Feminine Yoga is a space where you get to drop all the “masks” and just be authentically a woman, in all your depth and beauty. This helps us to grasp that beyond the roles and titles and the chores and obligations of our lives we are all manifestations of the same divine feminine source. We are all unique and powerful in our own right.

Feminine Yoga FAQs:

I've never done any yoga before! do i need to try a more traditional practice first. 

In a word - no.

Feminine Yoga is really approachable. Safety and acceptance are two pillars of the space that is created for you to practice in, making it especially supportive to those completely new to yoga. 

You will frequently be encouraged to honour exactly where you are at throughout the practice and reminded that whatever you are experiencing is valid and welcomed.


Yoga doesn't need to be overwhelming, dynamic or intense to have profound effects on your body and mind - the feminine approach to yoga offers a high degree of simplicity with a focus on slow movement, deep rest and emotional release through sounding.

can i practice feminine yoga when i have my period?

Feminine Yoga is a practice that is incredibly flexible to meet the changing needs of our bodies as we go through not only our monthly menstrual cycle, but also major life transitions such as pregnancy, birth and menopause.

On a bio-chemical level, you are different every single day as a woman so we need a yoga that allows you to HONOUR this, not disregard and override it.

In Feminine Yoga we regard menstruation as a SACRED experience for a woman. By learning to partner with our body and understand our natural rhythms, you open yourself up to the potency of your femininity.  

I’m here for you…

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Kate has such lovely, gentle presence - it is simply nice to be around her. But what I loved most about the retreat was the way she incorporated meditation into the practice of yoga, and also showed us how to use it as a practical tool in our everyday lives. I came away feeling both thoroughly relaxed and invigorated.
— Tristan, 40, Mum & Author

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