Feminine Yoga - What Is It?

Did you know that the VAST majority of yoga that is practiced in the world is rooted in a masculine tradition? Meaning it was designed by men and initially only practiced by men.

Today, the vast majority of people attending yoga classes are women however.

While traditional yoga can bring many benefits to women, (I myself was completely transformed when I first discovered a Tantric Hatha Yoga practice back in 2013) but it can only take you so far.

I'm talking from my own personal experience when I say that.

While the traditional practice helped me adopt a much healthier lifestyle, I still found myself lacking confidence and often feeling flat...I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but somehow I knew that something was still missing in my life.

Now I know that, despite years of a very dedicated hatha yoga practice, I was still locked out of my own temple - still living on the surface of myself rather than deep in my own body.

Which meant I was still:

  • contorting myself to be what I’m not, what I ‘should’ be

  • withholding my voice, my opinion, my truth

  • lacking strong boundaries and overriding myself physically, emotionally, mentally, time and time again

  • not allowing my inner world to have its authentic expression for fear of what others think, not upsetting the ‘tribe’

  • being nice/pleasant/accommodating/nurturing to everyone except myself

  • believing in my intellect more than my body

  • feeling disconnected from sisterhood, often falling into competition and comparison with other women

  • and just generally DIMMING who I am as a FEMALE in this world.

The list could go on and on but you get the idea.

The feminine approach to yoga has been designed specifically to meet the needs of women - physically, psychologically and spiritually.

It allows us to unlock our feminine energy and get UNSTUCK from all that I described above.

And again, I'm talking from personal experience.

Feminine Yoga is a deeply EMBODIED practice that allows us to show up fully in the world - AS WE ARE.

No more doubting ourselves.

No more seeking outside validation or direction.

No more suppressing our emotions or our sensuality. 

This is a practice that allows you to finally stop 'trying' and instead, invites you to embrace the entirety of your womanhood!

It's life changing. Try it out.

Feel free to get in touch with me personally if you are curious to know how this practice might be able to support you-->katecyoga@gmail.com.


I've never done any yoga before! do i need to try a more traditional practice first. 

In a word - no.

Feminine Yoga is really approachable. Safety and acceptance are two pillars of the space that is created for you to practice in, making it especially supportive to those completely new to yoga. 

You will frequently be encouraged to honour exactly where you are at throughout the practice and reminded that whatever you are experiencing is valid and welcomed.


Yoga doesn't need to be overwhelming, dynamic or intense to have profound effects on your body and mind - the feminine approach to yoga offers a high degree of simplicity with a focus on slow movement, deep rest and emotional release through sounding.

can i practice feminine yoga when i have my period?

Feminine Yoga is a practice that is incredibly flexible to meet the changing needs of our bodies as we go through not only our monthly menstrual cycle, but also major life transitions such as pregnancy, birth and menopause.

On a bio-chemical level, you are different every single day as a woman so we need a yoga that allows you to HONOUR this, not disregard and override it.

In Feminine Yoga we regard menstruation as a SACRED experience for a woman. By learning to partner with our body and understand our natural rhythms, you open yourself up to the potency of your femininity.  


Kate has such lovely, gentle presence - it is simply nice to be around her. But what I loved most about the retreat was the way she incorporated meditation into the practice of yoga, and also showed us how to use it as a practical tool in our everyday lives. I came away feeling both thoroughly relaxed and invigorated.
— Tristan, 40, Mum & Author

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