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I love what I do and based on some of the beautiful feedback I've received from my students over the years, I dare say it shows!

I was fortunate to participate in one of Kate’s yoga classes earlier this year. Her knowledge and love of yoga is evident and so is her ability to teach what she holds so dear to her. Kate has a great gift to assist people make changes in their lives through the practice of yoga and all that it stands for. I highly recommend her classes and her heartfelt skills as a teacher.
— Jenny Rawson, 52, Holistic Teacher, Healer & Mentor
Teaching at Agama Yoga in Rishikesh, India

Teaching at Agama Yoga in Rishikesh, India

I was lucky to have Kate as a teacher for my Agama Level 2 class in Rishikesh. She is an amazing teacher. Caring and compassionate, always very well prepared and patient, giving herself 100% to the teaching. She has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable in her class and has an impact on each person. For me personally she has touched my heart. She has a very pleasant and lovely presence which made me comfortable. She is calm, centred and enthusiastic and this energy spreads to all the students in the class. Kate always addressed my questions when in doubt. She loves what she does - she is made to teach yoga. Thank you for everything and continue to teach the way you do. Many people in this world need you.
— Sharada, 28, Yoga Teacher In Training
I used to think my physical and mental health was well balanced, however working in a corporate job means I carry a lot of stress. My girlfriend coerced me into doing a yoga course. After completing the course, I found that I was a victim of the common misconception that yoga is only stretching. Instead I discovered a way to relieve the tension and stress and completely relax and remove the noise from my mind. Kate’s course not only inspired me to take up yoga on a regular basis but also enabled me to convince my friends!
— Scott, 38, Corporate Leasing Manager
From beginning to end of the retreat, the theory sessions (during the 1 day retreat) helped my understanding of the concept of Yoga. The structure of the day flowed perfectly into the different theory sections broken up nicely with two practices and a meditation session. The tranquil environment made it the perfect setting with the birds in the trees and Nature all around us. Kate’s knowledge and inspiration instilled the backbone of yoga with no pressure. After the theory and learning about the concepts, the practice sessions allowed me to experience the depths of yoga I never had before. The style of the yoga that Kate teaches is certainly what I like. My partner and I came out feeling incredible! We both learnt a lot and I’m so pleased I managed to make it after a lot of uncertainty, but I manifested it and the Universe made it happen. It really was an incredible day and I wish I had more time in Margs to practice with you in that beautiful environment! One day maybe :)
— Anita, 27, Retreat Student
Kate’s approach to the Tantra yoga teachings offers a unified healing practice for our minds, bodies and spirits. Her energy is serene yet centred, and it is because of this that she is able to instantly create tranquil focus in all of her sessions. Kate’s classes are uplifting and holistic, and if you are open to it, they will set you upon a peaceful, reflective and intuitive path that will change your way of being.
— Zoe, 30
My classes with Kate have amplified my love of yoga, by helping me understand a greater goal of my practice. Her gentle and supportive guidance creates a peaceful environment that helps me relax into the moment. I always look forward to my next class!
— Jessica, 31, Graphic Designer
I did some of Kates beach yoga classes over Christmas/New Year - and really loved them.  I especially loved Kate and her way of teaching.  She is gentle and kind and exudes a beautiful presence and peacefulness.  I’ve tried other classes and other teachers and none have compared to Kate and her practice of focusing the mind and the breath and understanding the flow of energy within my body for each pose. Wanting to understand this better I did Kate’s Fremantle retreat and I wasnt disappointed. Kate’s information/the theory within the day, along with the practice, was just fantastic. Such great information! The follow up email after the retreat with added resources was also excellent.  There was such value in this course.  Even to the provided refreshments and lunch. Beautiful wholesome food. Such a quality day.I cannot recommend Kate and her “bigger picture” style of yoga to anyone enough..  Its inspiring… Its been such a help for me.
— Samantha, 49
I took a tantric yoga workshop with Kate and it really opened my eyes to the true philosophy of yoga. Kate clearly explained the cakras and the theory behind the practice - it made me realise that yoga is much more than poses, it truly is a holistic science with countless benefits spiritually, emotionally and physically. She is a great teacher with so much knowledge to share.
— Stephanie, 31, PR Director
Kate has such lovely, gentle presence - it is simply nice to be around her.  But what I loved most about the retreat was the way she incorporated meditation into the practice of yoga, and also showed us how to use it as a practical tool in our everyday lives. I came away feeling both thoroughly relaxed and invigorated.
— Tristan, 40, Mum & Author
The Retreat was magnificent! Cannot think of anything that could have been done better, was a perfect place, setting and day. The food was to die for and your lectures were awesome!! I felt very calm all day. Thanks so much Kate it really has been an absolute pleasure, I loved every moment. You have such a peaceful, humble manner about you, you shine wherever you go and people can see that. Its great, thank you! Xoxoxo
— Yyily, 23, Retreat Student
I really enjoyed this retreat day and all the information I received in the lectures. Kate explained everything really well. I had been wanting to start yoga for a while and was very confused about which of all the different options on offer, would be suitable for me, however it is much clearer to me now what I should be looking for. I did find some of the asanas challenging but I am sure with time they would become easier and enable me to concentrate more on my breathing and thoughts than the actual physical effort of maintaining the pose. I thought this day worked very well. The food was really good, there was a good balance of practice, theory, meditation sessions and “down-time”. All the best!
— Angela, 52, Retreat Student

Kate, you are an excellent teacher with a true passion to share your learnings. You do so in a very thorough and diverse way. Congratulations and thank you for a wonderful course. Prior to this experience I had no expectations on what was to come but hoped to discover some more ‘coping techniques’. The theory taught deeply resonated with me and I look forward to learning more. The course material was exceptional and I am so grateful to have these resources to reflect on. This course came at the right time for me. The information just ‘makes sense’.
— Sara, Holistic Health Coach
I have a very earthy energy. This course has opened my mind and heart. I feel less fearful of other’s touch and am even thinking of learning massage (I had no interest in the past!). I feel more peace of mind and more settled. My flexibility has also improved which I know isn’t the focus, but it is a nice bonus. Thanks Kate, beautiful lady.
— Jess, 28, Landscape Gardener
I was a bit daunted before the course started but I’ve been so inspired and so many things that have been shared have resonated with me. What I enjoyed most about the practice was the beautiful atmosphere in the room, all the information in the lectures and learning the principles of Tantra as they apply in daily living.
— Sarah, 39, Mum
I entered my first class of Kate’s 8 Week Tantra Yoga & Spirited Living course with feelings of the unknown. Having never experienced any type of yoga before I was unsure about what was to come.

All my nerves were put at ease within the first ten minutes. I had nothing to worry about as Kate is an excellent teacher. She guided us through each class with clear instructions on how to perform the asanas and techniques. For me, as a complete novice and not the most flexible person, I found this very comforting.

The physical practice was enhanced by understanding of the fundamentals of tantric yoga which Kate clearly explained. The information she provided during and after the class was very thorough and will be great to look back on when I get lost in the everyday life.

From doing this course I will now be able to do practice at home and gradually shift my energies and improve my awareness. I can’t wait to continue my tantra yoga education!

This course came to me at the right time in my life and I am so glad for that. Thank you so much Kate for opening a grand door to a fabulous new world.
— Ally, 40, Chef
Since beginning this course I have noticed a marked difference in my awareness of my thoughts and body, I’ve learned how to visualise energy flow and charge my microcosm. The list goes on and I am soooo excited because this is just the beginning! You really know your stuff and have a gift for eloquent communication. I just want to delve deeper and learn more now! Your follow up emails and notes are the most user-friendly and thorough I have ever received. I found this so helpful in going further into the topics & love the additional links and videos you shared. You are beyond amazing Kate! Well done & THANK YOU!
— Emma, 28, Singer & Cafe Manager
This course has improved my awareness and connection to the Universe. I have felt myself beginning to easily disconnect from worry and move forward peacefully. Kate you are just beautiful and your knowledge has been perfect and perfectly timed for me. I have learned so much and I consolidate it by sharing it with others and putting it into practice daily. The course notes and materials are fantastic to have for future reference. I know that I will continue to gain from this course for the rest of my life. Thanks Kate for this extraordinary experience.
— Zoe, 30, Editor
You come from the heart and express your love for life through your teachings. This made me feel very comfortable and trusting of what you had to share and allowed me to open to your knowledge. Love & magic to you!
— Julia, 32, Mum & Social Worker

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